Where to start? Where else but in the past.

The Library of Mu was a text based archive of KLF & JAMs press articles. The Library of Mu was last seen on the 23rd December 2019. Thanks to the Wayback Machine the site is still available to view.

Below are the final Top 10 by number of views. Click on an image to open the article in PDF format

Who Killed The KLF?

Title: Who Killed The KLF?

Date: July 1992

Journal: Select

Author: William Shaw

Chart Position: 1

No. views: 44186

Description: Essential reading. The full story behind the KLF's split, from the Black Room sessions to Mexico, with reaction from kollaborators.



Date: March 1997

Journal: The Wire

Author: Ben Watson

Chart Position: 2

No. views: 24249

Description: Essential article, which justifies the K output as "living, active, exciting avant garde art". Feature many juicy quotes from Drummond on all Subjects: Art as well as Illuminatus! stage play, Bad Wisdom misogyny, etc.

Money To Burn

Title: Money To Burn

Date: 25 September, 1994

Journal: Observer

Author: Jim Reid

Chart Position: 3

No. views: 19065

Description: Unable to think of a better idea they decided to burn the million pounds. They decided to make this low-key but still invited a freelance journalist. This is his full story.

Trash Art & Kreation

Title: Trash Art & Kreation

Date: 21 May, 1994

Journal: Guardian Weekend

Author: Alix Sharkey

Chart Position: 4

No. views: 17659

Description: A serious history and analysis of everything, with a lot of attention given to the Art Award Witnesses. Recommended.

Welcome To The Sheep Seats

Title: Welcome To The Sheep Seats

Date: 29 February, 1992

Journal: NME

Author: Danny Kelly

Chart Position: 5

No. views: 13884

Description: The full story of the infamous KLF Vs The Brit awards: guns, lawyers, buckets of blood, Jonathon King, Simon Bates, Extreme Noise Terror and an essential look into the workings of Drummond's mind.

Money To Burn

Title: Money To Burn

Date: 1996-03-01

Journal: Thee Database

Author: John Dower

Chart Position: 6

No. views: 7734

Description: Brilliant article and transcript of the K-F's appearance on Sub City Radio, Glasgow, on November the 3rd '95, talking about art. Highly recommended

URL: http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/7535/KFound.htm

KLF is Gonna Rock Ya!

Title: KLF is Gonna Rock Ya!

Date: 1991-04-01

Journal: X Magazine

Author: Lazlo Nibble

Chart Position: 7

No. views: 7350

Description: Drummond discusses sheep, the road trip at the heart of Chill Out, short attention spans, plans for the Black Room and US record deals.

Thank You For The Music

Title: Thank You For The Music

Date: 17 October, 1987

Journal: NME

Author: James Brown

Chart Position: 8

No. views: 5219

Description: the full disastrous story of the JAMs trip to Sweden: dropping LP's into the Sea; killing a moose; presenting a gold disc to a prostitute; burning LP's in a field; being shot at by a farmer and all the details of the Abba censorship



Date: February 1994 ?

Journal: Select

Author: Miranda Sawyer

Chart Position: 9

No. views: 4051

Description: Account by Art Award witness - mainly a good analysis of the money art works



Date: 1996-03-01 ?

Journal: Blah Blah Blah

Author: Craig McLean

Chart Position: 10

No. views: 3643

Description: The full story of the Cape Wrath debacle from Little Chef to cars stuck in the sand.