Welcome to the past.

Welcome to the written word where truth, lies, facts and fiction blend into the publicly documented history of The KLF, also known as the Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, furthermore known as the JAMs

This is the fourth generation of the press archive. It all started as a couple of RAR files uploaded to a popular file sharing site by KLF email list member Mr E in 2007.

We collaborated in 2011 and uploaded the scans to my Flickr account.

Then in 2014 I bought a massive collection of paper press cuttings. I spent the winter sorting and scanning them and uploaded the results to Google Drive.

With help from Thomas, David, Allan, Jethro, Mark, Nick and Joaquin we have been sourcing and scanning undiscovered treasures that lurk in vintage music magazines.

Everyone likes a fancy front end and here we are in 2020.